Construction and Demolition Waste Management

C&D Waste Management Rules

C&D Waste Management Rules, 2016 – C&D waste management rules were notified on 29.02.2016 by GoI. These rules shall apply to every waste resulting from construction, remodelling, repair and demolition of any civil structure of individual or organization or authority who generates construction and demolition waste such a building materials, debris, rubble.Read More...

Key Activities of APPCB:

  • Issue of Authorization to Local Authority.
  • Monitoring of C&D Waste processing units.
  • Filing of Annual Reports to CPCB.

Responsibilities of Local Authority

  • Issue directions for proper C&D waste menegement within its jurisdiction in accordance with the rules and shall seek detailed plan from generator of C&D.
  • Filing of Annual Returns.
  • Filing of Form-III for issue of Authorization

Citizen Responsibilities:

  • Segregate C& D waste from other municipal solid waste.
  • Shall not dispose C&D waste on open places / along the drains / canals public sewers.
  • Shall channelize C&D waste to treatment plant or low lying areas leveling and Road formation
  • Vigilant in illegal disposal of C&D waste

Total C&D Waste generation in the State.

Total C&D Waste generation in the State.

List of authorised C&D Waste Processing Plants in the State.

Annual Reports