E - Waste Management

E- Waste Management Rules

E- Waste Management Rules, 2016 - The E-Waste (Management) Rules, 2016 have been notified in March 2016 and are effective from 23.003.2016. These rules shall apply to every Producer, Consumer or Bulk Consumer, Collection centre,Dismantler and recycler of e-waste involved in the manufacture, sale, purchase and processing of electrical and electronic equipment of components as specified in schedule-I.Read More...

Key Activities of APPCB

  • Issue of Authorization to dismantlers / recyclers of e-Waste
  • Monitoring of dismantlers / recyclers of e-Waste.
  • Cross verification of EPR Plans.
  • Filing of Annual Reports to CPCB.

Responsibilities of dismantlers / recyclers

Responsibilites of Bulk consumers

Responsibilities of Producers / Manufacturers

Citizen Responsibilities:

Information on E-Waste generation in the State.

Information on E-Waste generation in the State.

List of Authorized E-Waste Refurbishers/Dismantlers/ Recyclers in the state

Authorization issued to E-waste to Refurbishers/ Dismantlers/ Recyclers facilities in A.P

List of bulk consumers in the State .

List of bulk consumers in the State.