External Advisory Committee (Task Force)

External Advisory Committee (Task Force) Meetings Minutes – 2018

External Advisory Committee (Task Force) Meetings Minutes – 2016

Enforcement Activities

The Board has the powers to direct closure, prohibition or regulation of an industry, operation or process or the stoppage or regulation of supply of electricity, water or any other service.

The Board also imposes Bank Guarantees to ensure compliance in certain cases, issues time targeted directions to upgrade or rectify the pollution control systems and in extreme cases closure orders are issued.

To carry out these enforcement activities the Board has a specialized division called the Task Force Cell.

Key Enforcement Activities of the Task Force Cell

  1. Forwarding of complaints lodged by public to concerned Regional offices /Zonal office and coordinating of Regional offices / Zonal offices for inspection of defaulting industries against public complaints lodged.
  2. Preparation of Agendas for the External Advisory Committee (Task Force Committee) meetings and finalization of minutes of the committee
  3. Follow up of the minutes of the External Advisory Committee (Task Force Committee) meetings.
  4. Issue of closure orders to defaulting industries/recalcitrant industries that have not complied with the Board standards and directions.
  5. Issue of Show cause notices and directions to the industries to the non- complying industries.
  6. Levying of Bank Guarantees against non-compliance of the directions issued by Board.

Key Team Members

Mr. A. Vijay Kumar
Joint Chief Environmental Engineer

Mr. Vijay Kumar is the Joint Chief Environmental Engineers at Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board. He has done his Master in Technology with Chemical Engineering as his area of specialisation, followed by Masters in Business Administration. He has extensive experience of close to three decades in the field of environment protection and enforcement activities.

Mr. Kumar has attended many national and international conferences and training programs, some of which include the training programme at YOKOHAMA, Japan in the year 1997, Hazardous Waste Management training programme at IIT, Mumbai in April 2011, Pharmaceutical Industry training programme at Mumbai during the Year 2015.

Mr. A. Ramarao Naidu
Environmental Engineer

Mr. K.Vijay Mohan
Assistant Environmental Engineer