Bio-medical Waste Management

Bio-Medical Waste means any waste, which is generated during the diagnosis, treatment or immunisation of human beings or animals or research activities pertaining thereto or in the production or testing of biological or in health camps etc.,
The Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India notified the Bio-Medical Waste (Management & Handling) Rules, 1998 on 20.07.1998 under Environment (Protection) Act,1986. To implement these rules more effectively and to improve the collection, segregation, processing, treatment and disposal of these bio-medical wastes in an environment sound management thereby, reducing the bio-medical waste generation and its impact on the environment MOEF & CC notified “Bio-Medical Waste Management Rules,2016” in G.S.R NO 343(E), dated 28th March,2016 suppressing the earlier Rules and MOEF & CC notified “Bio-Medical Waste Management Amendment Rules, 2018” in G.S.R NO. 234(E), dated 16th March,2018 amending the earlier Rules, 2016.

As per the Bio-medical Waste rules, it shall be the duty of every occupier of HCF (Health Care Facility) & operator of CBMWTF (Common Bio-Medical Waste Treatment Facility) to take all the steps to ensure that the Bio-Medical waste is properly handled and disposed without any adverse effect to human health and the environment.As per Rule 10, every occupier or operator handling Bio-Medical waste, irrespective of the quantity shall make an application in Form II to the prescribed authority (i.e. APPCB).

Presently there are 11 Common Bio Medical Waste Treatment Facilities(CBMWTF) in operation in the state. Every occupier of HCF is required to become member of respective CBMWTF for disposal of Bio-Medical Waste.Occupiers of non-complying institutions are liable for prosecution under the provisions of Environmental Protection Act and Rules.

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How to Apply ?

As per Rule 10, every occupier or operator handling Bio-Medical waste, irrespective of the quantity shall make an application in Form II to the prescribed authority (i.e. APPCB).

Prescribed Application Proforma


(See rule 10)


(To be submitted by occupier of health care facility or common bio-medical waste treatment facility)


The Prescribed Authority,

(Name of the State or UT Administration),


1.Particulars of Applicant :

  • Name of the Applicant: (In block letters & in full)
  • Name of the health care facility (HCF) or common bio-medical waste treatment facility (CBWTF) :
  • Address for correspondence:
  • Tele No., Fax :
  • Email:
  • Website Address:
2.Activity for which authorisation is sought :


Generation, segregation






Treatment or processing or conversion


Disposal or destruction


offering for sale, transfer

Any other form of handling

Please tick

3.Application for □ fresh or □ renewal of authorisation (please tick whatever is applicable) :

(i) Applied for CTO/CTE Yes/No

(ii) In case of renewal previous authorisation number and date:

(iii) Status of Consents :

(a) Under the Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974 :

(b) Under the Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act,1981 :



(i) Address of the health care facility (HCF) or common bio-medical waste treatment facility (CBWTF):

(ii) GPS coordinates of health care facility (HCF) or common bio-medical waste treatment facility (CBWTF):

5.Details of health care facility (HCF) or common bio-medical waste treatment facility (CBWTF):

  • Number of beds of HCF:
  • Number of patients treated per month by HCF:
  • Number healthcare facilities covered by CBMWTF:______
  • No of beds covered by CBMWTF: _______
  • Installed treatment and disposal capacity of CBMWTF:             Kg per day
  • Quantity of biomedical waste treated or disposed by CBMWTF:              Kg/ day
  • Area or distance covered by CBMWTF: ___________
  • (pl. attach map a map with GPS locations of CBMWTF and area of coverage)
  • Quantity of Biomedical waste handled, treated or disposed:
Category Type of Waste Quantity Generated or Collected, kg/day

Method of Treatment and Disposal

(Refer Schedule- I)

(1) (2) (3) (4)
Yellow (a) Human Anatomical Waste:
(b)Animal Anatomical Waste :
(c) Soiled Waste:
(d) Expired or Discarded Medicines:
(e) Chemical Solid Waste:
(f) Chemical Liquid Waste :
(g) Discarded linen, mattresses, beddings contaminated with blood or body fluid.
(h) Microbiology, Biotechnology and other clinical laboratory waste:
Red Contaminated Waste (Recyclable)
White (Translucent) Waste sharps including Metals:
Blue (a) Glassware:
(b) Metallic Body Implants:

6.Brief description of arrangements for handling of biomedical waste (attach details):
  • Mode of transportation (if any) of bio-medical waste:
  • Details of treatment equipment (please give details such as the number, type & capacity of each unit)

No of units

Incinerators :

Plasma Pyrolysis :

Autoclaves :

Microwave :

Hydroclave :

Shredder :

Needle tip cutter or destroyer

Sharps encapsulation or concrete pit :

Deep burial pits :

Chemical disinfection :

Any other treatment equipment :

Capacity of each unit

7.Contingency plan of common bio-medical waste treatment facility (CBWTF)(attach documents) :

8.Details of directions or notices or legal actions if any during the period of earlier authorisation


I do hereby declare that the statements made and information given above are true to the best of my knowledge and belief and that I have not concealed any information.

I do also hereby undertake to provide any further information sought by the prescribed authority in relation to these rules and to fulfill any conditions stipulated by the prescribed authority.

Date :

Place :

Signature of the Applican

Designation of the Applicant

The application shall be submitted along with prescribed fee and other enclosures such as DMHO registration certificate, membership of common facility, quantities of waste generated and disposed.

The application for authorization shall be submitted at the concerned Regional Office prior to commencement of activity in case of fresh applications and 90 days before the expiry of authorization in case of renewals.

All the HCFs having bed strength ≥25 beds, Medical colleges, CBMWTFs are also required to obtain Consent for Establishment (before starting construction activity) and obtain Consent for Operation (before commissioning the activity) from the Board.

Fee Structure

The HCFs generating total Waste-Water more than 100 KLD are categorized as Red category and the HCFs generating less than 100 KLD are categorized as Orange category.

The Board issuing Authorizations under the Bio-Medical Waste Management Rules for HCFs upto 25 beds and issuing Combined Consent cum Bio-Medical Waste Authorization for HCFs having bed strength ≥ 25 beds. The validity period of consent / BMW Authorization is 5 years for Red category HCFs & 10 years for Orange category HCFs.

Authorization fee

As per G.O.Ms.No.41, dated 20.04.2005 a fee of Rs.100/- (Rupees one hundred only) per bed per annum for fresh authorizations and Rs.50/- (Rupees Fifty only) per bed per annum for renewal authorizations for the hospitals and Health Care Facilities (HCFs) and in case of Clinics, Pathological Laboratories and Blood Banks a flat charge of Rs.1000/- (Rupees one thousand only) per annum is to be paid towards processing fee along with Bio-Medical Waste Authorization application. Who makes an application in the prescribed form to the prescribed authority i.e., Member Secretary, Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board for grant of authorization. The processing fee is likely to be revised from time to time.

Consent fee

HCFs ≥ 25 beds are required to pay consent fee along with the consent applications.

The consent fee details are given under consent management.

Common Facilities in Operation

The occupiers are required to segregate the waste properly and store securely for disposal by the designated Common Bio Medical Waste Treatment Facility (CBMWTF). The occupier of HCFs are required to be members of CBMWTFs.

The details of CBMWTFs operating in the state are furnished below:

SNo. Name & Address of the CBMWTF Districts covered
1. M/s. Rainbow Industries, Sy.No. 21/1, Pathakunkam(V), Laveru(M), Srikakulam District. Ph.No: 93913-87742 & 88977-97742, Email: Srikakulam, Vizianagaram
2. M/s. Maridi Eco Industries (Andhra) Pvt, Ltd., Sy.No.314, Kapulupada, Bheemunipatnam (M),
Visakhaptnam District. Ph. No. 0891 – 2723904, Cell: 9848191847, E-mail:
3. M/s. Vasishta Environ Care, Plot No 27A25, Denotified Area AP SEZ, Atchutapuram Rambilli (M), Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam
4. M/s. EVB Technologies (P) Ltd., Sy.No.560, Kanavaram(V), Rajanagaram(M), East. Godavari District. Ph. No. 9177055999, E-mail: East Godavari
5. M/s Safenviron & Associates, R.S.No.181/1, Nallamadu (V),  Ungutur (M), West Godavari District. Ph. No. 0866-243355,  Cell: 9848123355, West Godavari
6. M/s. Safenviron (Unit-II), Sy.No.164/1A, Dharmavarapupadu Thanda (V),
Jaggaiahpet (M), Krishna District. Ph.No. 0866-243355  Cell: 9848123355
7. M/s. Safenviron, Chinakakani (V), Mangalagiri (M), Guntur Distrsict. Ph.No: 9848123355, E-mail: Guntur
8.  M/s. Ongole Medical Waste Treatment Facility, Sy.No.316/1, Kanduluru (Village), Tanguturu (Mandal), Prakasam District. Ph.No: 8099999469, E-mail: Prakasam
9. M/s. S S Bio Care,  S.No 61, Plot No-2, APIIC,Attivaram village, Ozili (m), SPSR Nellore District. Ph.No: 9966666686,0861-2341213.    SPSR Nellore
10. M/s AWM Consulting Ltd, Pachikapalem post, Vedurukuppam Mandal, Chittoor District. Ph.No: 9440259439, 9949905189, Email: Chittoor
11 M/s Sriven Environ technologies, Sy.No.277-1A, Dumpetla (V),Dharmavaram (M),  Anantapur District. Ph.No: 9701631234, E-mail:  YSR Kadapa and Anantapur
12. M/s Medical Waste Solutions, S.No.200, Chetlamallapuram(V), kalluru(M), Kurnool District. Ph.No: 9848105982, Email: Kurnool

Delegation of powers for issue of Consent / BMW Authorisations

S.No. Category of HCE Inspected by Issued by
1. All the Non bedded HCEs covered under BMWM Rules, 2016 and bedded hospitals less than 25 beds. Regional Officer Regional Officer
2. All hospitals with 25 to less than 200 beds Regional Officer Zonal Officer
3. All hospitals with 200 beds and above Regional Officer Member Secretary

BMW Authorizations Issued

The list of HCFs obtained BMW Authorization/ BMW Authorization & Consent from A.P. Pollution Control Board are Given below:
SNo. District
1. Anantapur PDF-download-icon
2. Chittor PDF-download-icon
3. East Godavari PDF-download-icon
4. Guntur PDF-download-icon
5. Kadapa PDF-download-icon
6. Krishna PDF-download-icon
7. Kurnool PDF-download-icon
8. Nellore PDF-download-icon
9. Prakasam PDF-download-icon
10. Srikakulam PDF-download-icon
11. Visakhapatnam PDF-download-icon
12. Vizinagaram PDF-download-icon
13. West Godavari PDF-download-icon

BMW Committee Meetings

Minutes of Bio Medical Waste Management Technical Committee Meetings

S.No. Meeting Name Meeting Date Meeting Venue Download Meeting Minutes
1. 17th BMW TC Meeting 16.08.2018 Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board
2. 16th BMW TC Meeting 10.07.2018 Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board
3. 15th BMW TC Meeting 22.05.2018 Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board
4. 14th BMW TC Meeting 16.02.2018 Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board
5. 13th BMW TC Meeting 03.01.2018 Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board
6. 12th BMW TC Meeting 29.08.2017 Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board
7. 11th BMW TC Meeting 10.08.2017 Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board
8. 10th BMW TC Meeting 27.08.2016 Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board
9. 9th BMW TC Meeting 05.08.2016 Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board
10. 8th BMW TC Meeting 05.07.2016 Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board
11. 6th BMW TC Meeting 29.01.2016 Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board
12. 5th BMW TC Meeting 11.12.2015 Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board
13. 4th BMW TC Meeting 24.08.2015 Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board
14. 3rd BMW TC Meeting 27.05.2015 Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board
15. 2nd BMW TC Meeting 25.02.2015 Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board
16. 1st BMW TC Meeting 09.01.2015 Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board PDF-download-icon

Key Contacts

Mr. T. Rajendra Reddy

Joint Chief Environmental Engineer

Mobile no: 9177301450

Mr. M.V.N.Prasad

Senior Environmental Engineer

Vijayawada & Kurnool Zone

Mobile no: 9177303396