Consent Management - Consent for Establishment

Green Category of Industries

S.No Industry Sector
1 Aluminium utensils from aluminium circles by pressing only (dry mechanical operation)
2 Ayurvedic and homeopathic medicines (without boiler)
3 Bakery /confectionery /sweets products (with production capacity 1 tpd (with gas or electrical oven)
4 Bi-axially oriented PP film along with metalizing operations
5 Biomass briquettes (sun drying) without using toxic hazardous wastes
6 Blending of mela mine resins & different powder, additives by physical mixing
7 Brass and bell metal utensils manufacturing from circles(dry mechanical operation without re-rolling facility)
8 Candy
9 Cardboard or corrugated box and paper products (excluding paper or pulp manufacturing and without using boilers)
10 Carpentry & wooden furniture manufacturing (excluding saw mill) with the help of electrical (motorized) machines such as electrical wood planner, steel saw cutting circular blade, etc.
11 Cement products (without using asbestos / boiler / steam curing) like pipe ,pillar, jafri, well ring, block/tiles etc.(should be done in closed covered shed to control fugitive emissions)
12 Ceramic colour manufacturing by mixing & blending only (not using boiler and wastewater recycling process)
13 Chilling plant, cold storage and ice making
14 Coke briquetting (sun drying)
15 Cotton spinning and weaving (small scale)
16 Dal Mills
17 Decoration of ceramic cups and plates by electric furnace
18 Digital printing on PVC clothes
19 Facility of handling, storage and transportation of food grains in bulk
20 Facility of handling, storage and transportation of food grains in bulk
21 Glass , ceramic, earthen potteries, tile and tile manufacturing using electrical kiln or not involving fossil fuel kiln
22 Glue from starch (physical mixing) with gas / electrically operated oven /boiler.
23 Gold and silver smithy (purification with acid smelting operation and sulphuric acid polishing operation) (using less or equal to 1 litre of sulphuric acid/ nitric acid per month)
24 Heat treatment with any of the new technology like ultrasound probe , induction hardening , ionization beam, gas carburizing etc .
25 Insulation and other coated papers (excluding paper or pipe manufacturing)
26 Leather foot wear and leather products (excluding tanning and hide processing except cottage scale)
27 Lubricating oil, greases or petroleum based products (only blending at normal temperature)
28 Manufacturing of pasted veneers using gas fired boiler or thermic fluid heater and by sun drying
29 Oil mill Ghani and extraction (no hydrogenation / refining)
30 Packing materials manufacturing from non asbestos fibre, vegetable fibre yarn
31 Phenyl/toilet cleaner formulation and bottling
32 Polythene and plastic processed products manufacturing (virgin plastic)
33 Poultry, Hatchery and Piggery
34 Power looms (without dye and bleaching)
35 Puffed rice (muri) (using gas or electrical heating system)
36 Pulverization of ba mboo and scrap wood
37 Ready mix cement concrete
38 Reprocessing of waste cotton
39 Rice mill (Rice hullers only)
40 Rolling mill ( gas fired) and cold rolling mill
41 Rubber goods industry (with gas operated baby boiler)
42 Saw mills
43 Soap manufacturing (hand made without steam boiling / boiler)
44 Spice grinding (upto-20 HP motor)
45 Spice grinding (> 20 hp motor)
46 Steel furniture without spray painting
47 Steeping and processing of grains
48 Tyres and tube retreating (without boilers)
49 Chilling plant and ice making without using ammonia
50 CO2 recovery
51 Distilled water (without boiler) with electricity as source of heat
52 Hotels (up to 20 rooms and without boilers)
53 Manufacturing of optical lenses (using electrical furnace)
54 Mineralized water
55 Tamarind powder manufacturing
56 Cutting, sizing and polishing of marble stone
57 Emery powder ( fine dust of sand) manufacturing
58 Flyash export, transport & disposal facilities
59 Mineral stack yard / Railway sidings
60 Oil and gas transportation pipeline
61 Seasoning of wood in steam heated chamber
62 Synthetic detergent formulation
63 Tea processing ( with boiler) With boiler, it is an orange category industry. Without boiler, it will be green category industry.